6 Tips For Moving Your Small Business Office

6 Tips For Moving Your Small Business Office

If you have an expanding business, you might find yourself needing more office space than usual. When you need more space, you might consider planning to relocate your whole office to the perfect place for your business.

Choosing the right location for your new office can be tricky but it gets more difficult when moving gets involved. As a business, you need to make sure that you can get through with the move smoothly to make your business operational as soon as possible.

Create a detailed schedule

Moving an office involves a lot of work especially if you have some equipment and your employees to consider. Make a detailed plan of how the move should be carried out and it’s important to plan ahead. Inform your employees 4 to 6 months before the move and the changes that will take place. Consider also allotting enough time to update the utility services, permits and so on. You can create to-do list with a specific timeline so that you can easily balance your energy and time on specific tasks at a specific time.

Budget and allocate wisely

A move requires a right amount of budget to get through with it. Create a budget for hiring local movers, transportation and other expenses to consider. Make sure it’s something you would definitely afford to do.

Hire the right people in advance

If you’re planning to hire any Jacksonville moving companies, you need to do it 1 to 3 months before the expected moving date. Movers might have some tight schedule and you need to secure a spot to get the stress of hiring one of your chest.┬áIt’s important to do a background check to make sure that you’re hiring a credible company to work with. An experienced company might give you a more secured feeling about the whole process for they would know what to do.

Pack together as a group

You don’t need to do it alone but you can instead seek the help of your employees to pack the stuff in your office accordingly. If cardboard boxes bother you, you can also use plastic boxes which can give you a better view of what the contents are. Label properly to make sure each box gets to the right place. Employees can pack their personal things and other items on their desks which can increase the efficiency of the process.

Take time to purge

Purging can definitely help you move the right stuff to the new place. Take time to do some purging and remove unnecessary items. Shred old files, donate old furniture and even sell outdated equipment. Cleaning out your office can help you save on transportation expenses and have a more organized feel at your new office.

Update clients and vendors about the move

Do this 1 to 3 months before the move so that your clients and vendors will be aware about your move. You wouldn’t want to lose important clients for not giving out your new address. On the week before the move, you could update your address details on your website, business cards and so on.

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