Move smart, fast and stress free

Move smart, fast and stress free

Now you wonder certainly what is the magic formula, I have prepared for this move. I intend to reveal the secret at once: it is to book movers. It is the cornerstone that everything circulates. Once booked their movers go to other pieces on the spot. Then you have a lot less to think about, plus it saves lot of energy on the moving-day. More energy to come in prepared in the new home.

Examine the market on the Internet

onlineIt is super-fast to find a good moving company online, enter the magic keywords “movers” + “the city” you live in to get the most relevant results. There you can then look around a bit to find some moving companies that seem to be the best for your situation. Request a quote from at least three companies so that you can compare prices and conditions. Be sure to read the conditions out. They can vary from company to company and conditions may cause the price goes up or down. It may be tempting to choose the cheapest without reading the conditions, but then maybe it makes itself a frustration that is a costly in the end.

At least five weeks before moving day

countdown-calendarMoving companies book your movers in time so that you can think of other things and start packing. You can borrow moving boxes at the company free of charge so it is good to have booked in time when you can pick up the boxes. Then, pack it down as you use at least first and that you use the most last. Easy as pie, but do not forget to first disclose the attic, basement and closet so you can sell, give away or throw away everything you do not need or want to have with you in the relocation of removal companies in your city. It is unnecessary to move with the lot of junk you do not want. Before the move is a good opportunity to get rid of old stuff you no longer need. With luck, a few things have resale value and then you can sell them and earn a few extra pennies!

Move out cleaning service

cleaning-vacuumTo really have a convenient move, I recommend that you book a cleaning service! This eliminates the need to go back and add several days to clean your old home, instead you can get prepared in your new.

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